Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing (meaning ‘art of eight limbs’) is a martial art from Thailand which has a history dating back thousands of years.  It is a Thai national sport that combines punches, knee strikes, elbows and kicks. It also features head butts and standing grappling to exhaust and defeat the opponent.  It is also performed on important festivals and the kings’ birthday.

It is well renowned for its simplicity in moves, but also because it is extremely effective in practical situations.  The core power comes from the efficient movements.   Muay Thai benefits the practitioner in many ways which can include:

  1. Confidence
  2. Overall Fitness
  3. Awareness/alertness
  4. Spiritual awakening
  5. Calmness
  6. Stress control

Muay Thai kickboxing’s training aims to increase power, accuracy, speed and methods develop cardio-vascular endurance but also a warrior’s fighting spirit.  The training also requires condition training to strengthen the arms, legs and body from heavy impact and hence to prevent injury.  It is certainly a tough sport.  Whether you are a strong or weaker person, Muay Thai will certainly toughen you up.

Muay Thai training routines:

  1. Warming up
  2. Sparring
  3. Running
  4. Shadow boxing
  5. Clinch work
  6. Bag boxing
  7. Pad work
  8. Free weights
  9. Skipping
  10. Speed ball
  11. Cool down

Muay Thai kick boxing is also effective in a street defence perspective and has been used in the military, for law enforcement and at self-defence gyms.  Whether you just want to get fit or taking self defence seriously, I recommend Muay Thai because it is very challenging but also very rewarding personally.

Why not join a reputable Muay Thai gym near you and find out for yourself the many benefits it has to offer.  You may find the work will be hard and sometimes frustrating but the success and benefits that result is unimaginable.  You will become a better person with an improved attitude towards life.